Rainbow Bridge Crystalline Academy is a sacred nest for crystal loving teenagers (13 yrs old and above) who are passionate to learn about crystals, gems, and rocks: their subtle vibrations, their metaphysical properties, how to care for, choose, and communicate with the mineral kingdom to bring more magic, clarity, and joy. 

Rainbow Bridge is a path of self discovery and expansion, linking the personality to the soul via the rainbow rays. It is a movement in consciousness ‘upward’ from involvement in dense forms to those of greater freedom and beauty.

Rainbow Bridge Crystalline Academy’s curriculum is structured around the Aura, Light Body, or simply Bubble and the Chakras or ‘wheels of light’, the energetic centers which interface the physical body to the energy body. The rainbow rays mirrored through in the chakras and the crystals serve as the ‘Frequency’ and theme for each module. Supported by the crystals you will activate or build ‘lines of light ‘connecting the visible to the invisible planes, opening gateways to the subtle world and elevated perceptions.

You will journey up the Rainbow Bridge experientially and deep dive into each chakra’s super powers, possible shortcomings, and learn how to select specific crystal allies for balancing and empowering them. During the 9 month program, each initiate will start to build their Antahkarana Crystalline Medicine Bundle; each will receive one crystal per Frequency/Ray, throughout the program, and one lineage stone, a total of eleven stones.

                                      CRYSTAL MATERIA MEDICA

   Clear Quartz, Selenite, Rhomboid Clear Calcite, Amethyst, Violet Lepidolite, Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Aqua         Marine, Angelite, Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, GreenAventurine, Chrysocholla, Malachite, Citrine, 

   Tigers Eye, Pyrite, Carnelian, Red Garnet, Vanadinite, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Hematite

When is it? 

The program will now be hybrid; we will meet on zoom for two months, 

and for the third month we will meet in-person, then repeat two more times.

September 25 - Zoom 1-3pm

October 23 - Zoom 1-3pm

November 20 - Backspace of Narnia Woodstock, NY 1-5pm

December 18 - Zoom 1-3pm

January 22 - Zoom 1-3pm

February 19 - Backspace of Narnia Woodstock, NY 1-5pm

March 19 - Zoom 1-3pm

April 16 - Zoom 1-3pm

May 21 - Backspace of Narnia Woodstock, Ny 1-5pm

Where is it?

For the six classes online we will meet on Zoom and for the in-person circle will meet at the Backspace of Narnia, behind the crystal and vintage store Narnia at 130 Tinker street Woodstock, NY 12498.

What is a day in circle like?

Each circle will start with an energy clearing and grounding exercise, opening of sacred space, then a personal share around the circle. A typical in-person circle will next move on to the day’s Frequency: a lecture, Q&A, a guided journey or meditation, followed by an exercise with crystals, sharing, and closing circle. 

Developing subtle senses

As a wider range of perception is being activated and called for in the Aquarian Age, exercises in channeling, clairvoyance (and other Clairs), telepathy, psychometry, etc are built into the program to develop intuition and self trust. There will be homework to complete before each circle for sharing.


Some crystal practices you will learn:

*How to create crystal grids

*How to program projector crystals

*Cleaning and charging crystals

*How to make your own gem essences

*Basic quartz crystal chakra layout

*Selenite Seal

*Create your personal altar and sacred space

*Basic pendulum and kinesiology (muscle testing)

*How to identify natural crystals from artificial or artificially altered crystals

Themes and Topics for each Frequency / Chakra:


Infinite Cosmic Energies,

Freedom from Time and Space, 

Masculine Polarity of Bubble


God Mind, Connection to Source, 

Transcendent Wisdom, Silence


Awakening, Intuition, Imagination,

Psychic Power, Taming the Mind, Knowing


Open Expression of Truth, 

Listening, Giving and Receiving, 

Toning / Singing


Compassion, Peace, Contentment,

Self Worth and Acceptance, 

Forgiveness, Gratitude


Will,  Expression of Emotions,

Integrity, Self Respect, Reflection, 

Importance of Feelings


Build Idea into Physical Reality, Organization, Personal Power, Discernment, 

Take Charge of One's Life


Creativity, Sensuality, Pleasure,

Desire, Feeling Alive, Physical Movement,

Life Force


Feeling Safe and Secure,

Peace with the World, Boundaries, 

Health and Wealth


Connection to Mother Earth, 

Anchor Spiritual Energies into the Physical, 

Feminine Polarity of Bubble



What will I get out of the program?

By initiation, considering good attendance and homework diligence, each initiate will develop a basic knowledge and map of the human energy anatomy including the Light Body, Earth Star, Soul Star, the 8 chakra system* and their functions. 

You will learn how to start applying this knowledge toward your personal growth, be able to notice when/which chakras go wonky, have tools to remedy weakness, including know-how to choose specific crystals to balance and empower you. 

You will have more clarity about who you are as you familiarize yourself with your Soul perspective and have techniques to go within and listen. Self knowledge in turn brings more confidence and ability to make good choices and set healthy boundaries, consequently feeling more whole and joyful. 

Welcome to the Mystery! Experience life at a higher vibration of awe, wonder and magical flow! You will be initiated as a Crystalline Ray Guardian and get to know (at least) the 24 stones from the Crystal Materia Medica, how to feel their properties, work with and take care of them. 

*in Crystal Healing as taught by my teacher Katrina Raphaell, we work with a 8 chakra system instead of the commonly known Vedic 7 chakra system.


Is this the right program for me?

This program is for you if you are passionate about crystals and already have many crystal friends, it is also for you if you are naturally attracted to crystals but don’t know anything about it or have any. It is not for you if you don’t like stillness practices, like meditation, journeying, or observing the workings of your inner landscape.

We are inter-dimensional beings and experience life emotionally, mentally, and intuitively. The subtle realms of your Soul ultimately wants to express its purpose or creative intention and would love a cooperative Personality who would comply with it to facilitate the manifestation. This program is definitely for you if you want to discover more of who you are, connect to your Soul essence and awaken to your unique gifts! The best preparation is to have a beginner's mind, open and curious.

You can also join a Discovery call on Zoom. There are 2 dates to choose from below. During the call, Antoinette will go over the program and you can ask questions to find out if this program is a match for you.


       Our intention is for you to:

  • become Crystalline Ray Guardians: who can listen and relate to the crystal beings, feel the frequencies and know how to collaborate with the stones to enhance their lives and their family and friends
  • become adepts at practices of grounding and transmuting heavy energy to light energy
  • develop unique Clairs and super-powers
  • harness healthy self reflection, discerning mind, and trust in intuition
  • activate the chakras within by working with the corresponding crystals to strengthen the central line channel, the Rainbow Bridge
  • expand consciousness to include the innate higher nature and embody the Crystalline Ray frequency
  • Rainbow Bridge Crystalline Academy cultivates practical mystics of the new age
You will receive

27 hours class time

30+ PDFs illustrating the Frequency lectures and exercises 

Audio Recordings: 1 Crystal Cave Journey, 1 Soul Symbol Journey

Rainbow Bridge Crystalline Academy will initiate you as a

Crystalline Ray Guardian (includes certificate)

    <  <  <  BONUS OFFER FOR PILOT PROGRAM  >  >  >    

11 crystals toward Antahkarana Crystalline Medicine Bundle

(1 crystal per the 10 Rays and 1 Lineage stone)


Important Info For Pilot Program

This curriculum was formed in mind with the intention of having an added online zoom circle per month. Considering the ’18 hours less circle time’, it may be ambitious to think we can accomplish everything set out in this curriculum. Being a Pilot Program, I hold space for the natural unfoldment and rhythm and trust that we will do the best we can with our time together with these guidelines in place.

Sliding Scale Tuition

Total paid in full by first day of program or three month payment plan.

NEW - the Zoom classes are pro-rated at $40 monthly

In-person circle is sliding scale between $90 ~ $180 monthly

Please reach out to Antoinette for personalized payment plan.

Attendance Policy

If class is missed, it is your responsibility to contact Antoinette to set up a make-up class on zoom. Make-up class exchange is $30 per session.


100% soul star doula to earth star mama, i am a woman who lives on the soil of upstate new york; i practice as a medicine woman, facilitator of healing, shamanic coach, and crystal healing certification teacher; my passion is gardening in all its range, to co-create a beautiful garden of the soil and of the soul with mother nature, to empower courageous men and women on their journey of self discovery, healing, and transformation; my favorite activities are ceremony, singing, drumming, dipping in a spring fed lagoon, cooking, creating; always appreciating and relating to nature keeps me in a high vibration. i am the founder of ouroboros healing arts and currently manifesting crystal heart springs, a healing sanctuary for learning, sharing, and thriving.      

antoinetteaurell@me.com / 917-741-4609 / www.ouroboroshealingarts.com / @a_red_tent @ouroboros_healing_arts